Business/Investor Programs

Canada’s immigration policies are outlined in the objectives of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act.  A number of provisions are directed at facilitating the continued development of the Canadian economy through strategic investment by foreign nationals intending to relocate to Canada on a temporary or permanent basis.

Canada offers one of the most widely used business immigration programs in the world which leads to the admission of more than 10,000 business immigrants on a yearly basis.

Canada offers a European model that contrasts with the USA alternative. Canada offers social benefits to its residents that lead to an unparalleled quality of life. Business immigrants can enjoy the benefits of a national health care program and a national pension system that affords annual income upon retirement.

Canada processes business immigrants seeking lawful Canadian Permanent Residence (CPR) under several active Business Immigration Programs. Business Immigration programs are designed to attract individuals with access to capital, business experience, and entrepreneurial skills in order to promote economic development and the creation of new employment opportunities in Canada. These programs are also designed to select individuals with established business practices in foreign markets that may result in the transfer of those skills and the promotion of international trade opportunities with Canada.   These individuals typically have significant mid range personal net worth and whom are intending to operate and manage a business in Canada.

Canada also offers Investor programs for high net worth individuals who wish to make a passive investment in order to achieve Canadian Permanent Residence while not being obligated to operate a business in Canada.  In this regard, the Quebec Immigrant Investor program can offer significantly faster processing times in addition to other benefits.

Provincially, most provinces have created their own unique business immigration programs.  Currently, the Quebec Investor and Entrepreneur programs are widely regarded.  However, several Provincial Entrepreneur programs are also gaining traction and popularity.

The Federal Government offers a Self-Employed program in addition to a Federal Start-Up Visa program.

Temporary Residence in Canada

Applications for permanent residence under the business immigration program often entail processing delays that exceed the expectations and objectives of applicants. Accordingly, alternative solutions promoting early entry, may be available by way of temporary admissions to Canada though the investment immigration route.

Canada admits business immigrants on a temporary basis under our temporary foreign worker program.  Qualified applicants include successful businesspersons who qualify for work permits under investment immigration vehicles supported by applicable International Agreements or that would create or maintain significant economic benefits or opportunities for Canadian citizens or permanent residents. The issuance of a work permit on the basis of investment in Canada would depend on the nationality of the applicant and the nature and location of the business activities anticipated in Canada.

Canadian Citizenship – A Stepping Stone to USA

Canadian permanent residence does not confer any particular US immigration benefits. However, Canadian citizens may travel to the US without a visa, and may seek US employment opportunities under the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). NAFTA provides a list of eligible classes of employment most of which are executive, managerial, professional or scientific in nature. The US does not offer Canadians a fast track to permanent residence or employment outside of the NAFTA list.  However, for the purposes of accessing US markets for business and pleasure, Canadian citizenship provides a unique opportunity.

Eddie H. Kadri frequently counsels qualified applicants seeking both lawful CPR status in Canada while concurrently pursuing temporary residence on the basis of investment and business migration.  In such cases, he will devise effective immigration strategies that reflect the unique circumstances of each individual client while pursuing the full benefit of domestic and international law.

If you are interested in immigrating to Canada under a viable Canadian business or investor program, please contact Eddie H. Kadri for a comprehensive assessment of your qualifications.  Interested applicants will be counselled on the specific types of business programs and investment opportunities that may be pursued as part of a viable Immigration plan that can potentially facilitate both your long and short term objectives.

Please contact Eddie H. Kadri for a comprehensive initial assessment of your qualifications relative to your desired objectives.